Phenomenon Amusement Parks

The concept of creating during the real globe, a entire world by which to materialize castles, streets, trees and animals that have constantly populate fairy tales and imagination of young and adult folks, born through the genius of Walt Disney, in the fifties, in California, using the opening from the famous Disneyland Park.dufan

The idea of Disney will be to give shape and substance to the desires and also to the imaginary, to produce a container of traditional online games and attraction, by now current while in the common amusement park, and also to enable it to be an incredible place, the place each and every customer can estrange from truth and stay a little bit of magic.

In 1971, in Florida the good Walt Disney Planet Vacation resort opens and also in Europe, enterprise adult men begin to replicate the achievements of your idea of amusement park dedicated to some wider goal.

In truth, till the seventies European parks have been made to amuse and catch the attention of only little ones: the first park in Italy, in 1963 was a wildlife park, Città della Domenica in Perugia, then Cavallino Matto Park in Donoratico, in Tuscany, Edenlandia in Napoli (1964) and Fiabilandia in Rimini (1965).

Along with the financial increase and mass tourism born Gardaland in Italy (1975), Europa Park in Germany and Alton Towers in England (1975). The perform constructions tend to be more articulate, in response to your results as well as the desire of latest and powerful feelings, they’re enriched yr by year, even right now, with new points of interest, enjoyment and know-how. Usually do not neglect, yet another American invention, all centered on two factors, the exciting plus the drinking water: the water park. In Italy, the quantity of drinking water parks constant raises as technological improvements.

By now, the categorization of amusement parks gets refined: theme parks, educational parks, drinking water parks, experience parks and of course points of interest and exciting for older people and youngsters.

Even the competitiveness from neighboring nations, in Italy there are some wonderful exciting parks: Riviera Parks, in Emilia Romagna, which teams Aquafan, Oltremare, Imax, Le Navi Aquarium, Italia in Miniatura and Mirabilandia; Parchi del Garda, with Gardaland, Canevaworld, Parco Natura Viva, Medieval Periods, Jungle Journey; Aqualand del Vasto, Acquapark Odyssey 2000 …

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